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When solar wind approaches the earth's atmosphere a collision occurs. This creates light.

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Q: What happens when solar wind approaches earths atmosphere?
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What happens to solar energy as it enters earths atmosphere?

it gets absorbed by the ground

Is the earths atmosphere heated by solar energy?


How does solar radiation leave earths atmosphere?

It is radiated by many of the gases in the lower atmosphere.

How does ash in earths atmosphere affect solar radition?

tectonic plate movement

How does volcanic ash in earths atmosphere effect solar radiation?

It increases the amount of solar radiation that reflect into space

What percentage of the solar energy the reaches the outer atmosphere is absorbed at the earths surface?


Most of the solar energy reaching planet Earth and its atmosphere is absorbed by what?

earths surface

What three gasses present in Earths atmosphere absorb solar radiation?

Carbon dioxideMethaneNitrous Oxide

Earths atmosphere is heated mainly by what?

The sun as it is the most powerful heat source in our solar system.

What heats earths atmosphere?

The sun heats the atmosphere. Solar radiation largely passes through the atmosphere and warms the surface of the earth. The earth then radiates heat up into the lower levels of the atmosphere where greenhouse gases warm. The warmed greenhouse gases then continue to radiate heat in all directions warming the atmosphere and again the earth's surface.

What is the high speed stream of particles beating against the outer layer of earths atmosphere?

Solar wind

A meteoroid that burns up in earths atmosphere is called a?

A meteoroid is a small piece of space debris in the solar system. When a meteoroid enters the Earths atmosphere it becomes a meteor (shooting star).If the meteoroid survives the atmosphere and lands on the Earth, it becomes a meteorite.