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Governments have enacted clean water acts along with restrictions on pollution in order to prevent water pollution. They often fine or penalize companies for breaking these laws.

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Q: What have governments done to prevent water pollution?
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What have people done to prevent water pollution?

they have built filters

What can be done to prevent water pollution from happening?

stop diving your car or bus?

What can be done to prevent land pollution?

There is nothing that can be done to completely prevent land pollution. You can however educate the public on how to cut back on land pollution.

What are three things that can be done to prevent water pollution?

make sure there are no oil spills :D

What must be done to waste water collected from landfills that will prevent the pollution of groundwater?

treated before it is used

What could be done to prevent ozone pollution in the US?

There can be many things to prevent ozone pollution. Less CFC's and ground pollution can cause ozone pollution reduction.

Discuss further what the government has done to prevent or control water pollution?

THEY ARE just making a plan to protect us from danger.

What can be done about water pollution?

that is a simple answer. stop polluting the water you idiots.

What can be done to reduce or prevent water pollution?

by using natural gas in boats and not throwing trash over board boats and not leaving trash on shores by picking them up.

What is being done about Thermal Pollution?

One thing that being done about thermal pollution is that less electricity is being used. Another thing is that heated water is being reused and stored to reduce thermal pollution.

What can be done to improve the quality of water pollution?

I believe that the objective to which we aspire is to have less water pollution, rather than to have a better quality of pollution in our water. Pollution, by definition, is a bad thing. You cannot have good quality pollution. In any event, the primary method of reducing pollution is to stop industry from discharging toxic substances into bodies of water. This requires government regulation.

What can be done to prevent rust from tools?

keep them away from water

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