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It means that Hurricane Ivan had peak sustained winds of 156 mph or higher. Ivan's winds peaked at 165 mph.

Category 5 is the most intense category on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

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Category 5 is the strongest of the 5 categories of hurricanes. It means the storm has sustained winds of at least 156 mph.

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Q: What is a category five hurricane?
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How strong was hurricane Hugo?

Category five.

What is the strongest hurricane?

A number of Hurricanes can lay claim to that title. Typhoon Tip, Hurricane Camille and a few others both had winds in the rage of 190 mph. The most intense HUrricane in terms of low pressure was Hurricane Wilma.

How fast does wind have to be before its a hurricane in km?

; Category One Hurricane: Winds 74-95 mph; Category Two Hurricane: Winds 96-110 mph; Category Three Hurricane: Winds 111-130 mph; Category Four Hurricane: Winds 131-155 mph; Category Five Hurricane: Winds greater than 155 mph

What category was hurricane Micheal in?

Hurricane Mitch was a category 5 hurricane.

Hurricane shutters are expected to withstand which hurricane number?

Hurricane Shelters are very effective in protecting windows during a hurricane. Shutters are rated by the category of hurricane they can withstand, from one to five with five being the most durable.

What do the hurricane stages mean?

The "stage" of the hurricane is it's intensity in size and wind speed. Category One is just a nasty tropical storm with an attitude. Category Five is a horrifically devastating monster hurricane.

What was the category of hurricane ISABLE?

Hurricane Isabel was a category 5 hurricane.

First Category of hurricane is?

The first category of a hurricane is category 1.

What is hurricane Hanna's category?

It was a category 1 hurricane.

What category is hurricane Hanna in?

It was a category 1 hurricane.

What category hurricane was hurricane isaac?

Category two

What category was hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Andrew was a Category 5 hurricane with 175 mph winds. The pressure was 922 mbar.