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A reaction when a free element or ion takes the place of and element or ion in a compound is called a single replacement reaction

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Q: What is a reaction where free element element takes the place f an element in a compound?
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Why is bronze a compound?

Because no chemical reaction takes place between zinc and copper which constitute it.

Equation for benzene plus KMnO4?

no reaction takes place

A chemical reaction is the change that takes place when two or more substances?


What happens when single replacement reactions is taking place?

a single replacement reaction is a reaction in which one element takes the place of another element in a compound.In a single replacement reaction, or single displacement reaction, a single uncombined element replaces another in a compound. Two reactants yield two products. For example when zinc combines with hydrochloric acid, the zinc replaces hydrogen.Replacement ReactionsA+BC=B+ACFor instance, if magnesium is dropped into a solution of Copper (II) Nitrate, the magnesium will react because it is more active (in other words wants to bond more than the copper does).If by chance you drop Copper into Potassium Acetate, you will find that no reaction will occur.Reactivity of Metals (from most reactive to least)LithiumBariumPotassiumCalciumSodiumMagnesiumAluminumZincChromiumIronNickelTinLeadHydrogenCopperMercurySilverPlatinumGold1. Alkali metals will always replace hydrogen in cold water2. Magnesium to iron on the chart will always replace hydrogen in steam3. Mercury doesn't react with much of anything4. Metals higher than Hydrogen will always replace it in an acid (Nitric acid, drop zinc (II) in it, and you will recieve H2 + ZnCl2)

What are the patterns of combustion reaction?

A combustion reaction takes place in the presence of O2 (g). The products of a complete combustion reaction are CO2 (g) and H2O (g).

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What happens when an element combine?

In a proportional combination, a chemical reaction takes place forming a compound.

What is the importance of single replacement?

A single-displacementreaction, also known as a single-replacementreaction, is a type of chemical reaction where an element reacts with a compound and takes the place of another element in that compound.

What happens in a single-replacement reaction-?

One element takes the place of another in a compound.

When one element takes the place of another element in a reaction?

single-replacement reaction

When a chemical reaction takes place the compound formed is called the?


The type or reaction takes place when one element reacts with a compound to form a new compound and a different element is a?

it's single-replacement. I took a test with a question like that and got 100%

What is another name for a single replacement reaction?

Condensation Reaction.

What is the chemical reaction that uses heat to decompose an compound?

Heat can be used to break compounds because there is a chemical reaction that takes place and it causes the particles in the compound to break

What is a metal compound formed when a reaction takes place with an acid?

A salt or a hydroxide are obtained.

Are glow sticks made of the element Neon?

No, inside them a chemical reaction takes place, creating light.

What is brisk effervescence?

When Carbon dioxide bubbles come out of a compound after the reaction takes place, it is called brisk of effervesence.

What word do you use to describe a solid which forms in a liquid when a chemical reaction takes place?

Precipitate (a solid compound)