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Please see link it has a good starting point for your Triple Beam Balance as applied to science

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Q: What is a three beam balance scale used for is science?
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What does beam balance mean in science?

It means a balance (scale) with three beams. Triple. Beam. Balance. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Triple-beam balance definition?

A triple beam balance is a scale used to measuremass.

What does triple beam balance mean in science?

These are weighing instruments that have 3 (triple) scales instead of only 1 which makes them very sensitive and rather accurate. Look up 'Triple Beam Balance' or 'Beam Balance' triple.

Inventor of the beam balance scale?

The inventor of the balance scale is philipp von jolly

What is a beam balance scale used for?

This type of scale is often used in science labs because of its precision mass measurement. It can be used elsewhere such as in industry, though.

What is a scientific scale?

Triple beam balance

What is the difference between triple beam balance and a spring scale?

A spring scale measures weight while a triple beam balance measures mass.

Which lab equipment could you use to weigh 5g of sugar?

This is a bad sight

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the beam balance scale?

Through beam balance we can weight things,vegetables,fruit etc.

Why is a triple-beam balance used to measure each object instead of a scale?

Actually, its not. The scale is used almost as much as the triple beam balance. The thing is that a scale can be made as big as it can get, but a triple beam balance can't. On the other hand, the triple beam is more precise and can measure more small objects.

What are three things that are measured by mass?

Mass is measured usingtriple beam balance bathroom scale baby scale postage stamp scale kitchen scale floor/ truck scales

Where can one find a balance beam scale?

The best place to find a balance beam scale would be on Amazon. They offer reviews from other purchasers which can help one determine which scale is best.