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Clean fill dirt is just like dirt but it does not have garbage, cement, large rocks, plants or anything like that in it.

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Q: What is clean fill dirt?
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What is clean fill?

Clean fill is dirt that is free of debris such as wood, rocks and trash. It is used to level the grounds that are going to be paved.

What is the difference between clean and dirty dirt?

Clean fill dirt just is dirt and naturally occurring rock with no garbage, tires, bricks, cement or other trash mixed in.

Where can you dump clean dirt?

Contact your local dirt / gravel hauling companies. They will know of someone who is in the need for it. It is also called fill dirt.

What is fill dirt?

Fill dirt is dirt that someone has removed from one area and needs to dump somewhere else. Often this is dirt that has been removed so that a swimming pool can be installed or excess dirt from clearing land for construction. There is clean fill dirt, which does not have trash, plant material, rocks or chemical additions and this is preferred for reuse in yards for planting.

What is clean dirt?

wash your dirt, and it becomes clean dirt

How do you fill in an old well?

Basically you would fill it with dirt and rocks and, optionally, cap it with concrete. The "dirt and rocks" part is also known as clean fill. You may have seen hand-lettered signs up for CLEAN FILL or CLEAN FILL wanted - that's what they're talking about. It's CLEAN if it doesn't have anything in it that would decay over the years and form a void within the area you filled, causing a sinkhole - you DON'T want that. So, no old tree stumps or other kinds of garbage that would biodegrade over time.

How do you fill in a pond?

With a bunch of dirt! With a bunch of dirt!

What are you called when you are clean and free of dirt?


How much dirt to fill 10'x10'x3?

300 cubic feet of dirt

What actors and actresses appeared in Clean Dirt - 2010?

The cast of Clean Dirt - 2010 includes: Carmen Lavigne as Girl

How many yards in a ton of dirt?

A cubic foot of dirt is about 100 pounds. To fill a ton, 20 would be needed, but to fill a cubic yard, 27 would be needed. As such, a ton of dirt would only fill about .74 cubic yards.

How much dirt to fill 16ft x16in x16in?

You need 13 yrd's of fill

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