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Chemical ReactionA chemical reaction is composed of REACTANTS and PRODUCTS. The starting compounds and/or elements in the reaction are known as reactants. Once they are combined, the resulting elements/compounds are called the products.


Reactant ---> Product


Reactant 1 + Reactant 2 ---> Product 1 + Product 2


Magnesium Chloride + Lithium Floride ----> Lithium Choride + Magnesium Fluoride

MgCl2 + LiF = LiCl + MgF2

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Q: What is involved in a chemical reaction?
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Is a neutron involved in a chemical reaction?

No. The valence electrons are involved in chemical reaction.

Chemical reaction involved in the preparation of thiazin from chalcone?

Synthesis is the chemical reaction that is involved in the preparation of the Thiazin from Chalcone.

Are protons ever involved in a chemical reaction?

Protons are not involved in chemical reactions.

Where are the electrons involved in a chemical reaction?

The valence electrons (electrons present in the outer most shell) are involved in a chemical reaction.

What are the two chemical products?

This depends on the chemical reaction involved.

Is a reaction with air chemical or physical property?

Any reaction involved between atoms are chemical reactions.

What effect does a chemical reaction have on the mass of the substances of the substances involved in the reaction?

Yes, because it is a characteristic of a chemical reaction.

What does a chemical reaction do to the atoms involved?

It changes them

If a molecule of carbon dioxide is involved in a chemical reaction how is it represented in the chemical equation for the reaction?

as CO2 (by its chemical formula)

What are substances that change when the become involved in chemical reaction?

I believe you are referring to the reactants in a chemical reaction.

The starting substances ingredients that are involved in a chemical reaction?

The starting substances in a chemical reaction are called reactants.

What effect does raising the temperature of a chemical reaction?

The effect varies according to the elements involved on a chemical reaction.

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