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CH3 - C - CH3 + NaHSO3 ------> CH3 - C -OH

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Q: What is the balance equation for the addition of sodium bisulfate to acetone?
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What is the Balance equation for acrolein test?

The acrolein test tests for the presence of glycerin or fats. There is no general equation for it, although the sample is heated with potassium bisulfate and if acrolein is released, the test is positive.

Do you have to choose coefficients that will balance the equation in balancing an equation?

If your goal is to balance the equation, then yes, you have to chose the coefficients.

What is a balance sheets equation?

Assets = Liabilities + Equity is the Balance Sheets Equation.

Do you never balance and equation when solving?

No because you always keep an equation in balance when solving it

Who was the first iatrochemist to balance a chemical equation?

Jean Beguin was the first iatrochemist to balance a chemical equation.

What is the relationship between coefficient and balance chemical equation?

balance chemical equation, change only the coefficients of the formulas.

What coefficients do you need to balance the equation K2ClO3?

That's not an equation

What does it mean a balance sheet does not balance?

my balance sheet does not balance why?

What the balanced chemical equation for ethanol and acetone?

Methanol and acetone are miscible but they doesn't react. Dear (who had asked the question), I just would like to remind the basics: 1. If there is a reaction then there should be a product. 2. Only then you can balance an equation on both sides of 3. Before you put a question, please go through the basics. 4. Did you mean Azeotropic distillation for this mixture?

The first step in undertaking any chemical calculation is to?

balance the equation. calculate moles of product.

Why is it important to keep balance in an equation?

Because if it is not balanced it is not a true equation.

Do you balance and equation when solving?