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Tin dioxide, also known as cassiterite.

I believe that it is tin oxide. Cassiterite appears to be a dioxide of tin

The answer to this question is Tin (IV) Oxide since it is an Ionic not covalant. Tin dioxide says that it starts with a gas, but tin is a metal. So we need to worry about charges.

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Tin dioxide is the inorganic compound with the formula SnO2.

(Stannic oxide and Sn(IV) oxide or 'Flowers of tin' are other possible names;

the mineral ore form of SnO2 is called Cassiterite)

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Q: What is the compound name for SnO2?
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What is the name of a compound made from tin and oxygen?

There are two such tin oxides: Tin (II) oxide with formula SnO and tin (IV) dioxide, with formula SnO2.

What is the stock system name of SnO2?

First of all, the correct formula is SnO2, and the Stock name is tin(IV) oxide.

What is the Lewis Structure of SnO2?

SnO2 has total valence electron of 16e.......... since Sn is the least electronegative then it has to be in the middle of the molecular structure....O = Sn = O

What is the name of the compound SnO?

It is called tin (ll) oxide or stannous oxide.

What is the name correct name for SnO2?

tin (IV) oxide

Is SO2. ionic compound?

The compound Sn2O3 is not well characterised and is an intermediate formed when SnO disproportionates to SnO2 and Sn metal. The best name for it is ditin trioxide, a name that reflects the composition. Probably it contains Sn(II) and Sn(IV) in equal proportions.

What is the chemical name and chemical formula of tin?

1. Tin is...tin in the English language. 2. The chemical symbol (not formula) of tin is Sn.

How many formula units are in 22.4 g SnO2?

22,4 g SnO2 is 0,15 from a formula unit.

What represents the actual number of atoms present in a compound?

The subscript (The small number at the bottom). Like SnO2. It shows that Sn is one atom together, and the O has 2.

What is the chemical formula of tin oxide?


Is SnO2 an ionic or covalent bond?


What is the balanced equation when tin iv iodide is mixed with acetone?

The chemical formula of tin IV acetate is Sn(C2H3O2)4.