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1.79g/L ( I have the same textbook)

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Q: What is the density of NO2 Gas at 0.97 ATM and 35 degree Celsius?
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What is a substance with a density of one?

At 4 degrees Celsius and 1 Atm pressure, the density of pure water is 1 gram per cc.

What is the density of a gas if 4.8 grams contains 2.4 mol at 1.3 ATM and 45 degrees Celsius?

The density is 0,1 g/L.

How do you calculate the density of NO2 gas at 0.970 ATM and 36 degree Celsius?

Density = (Pressure)(Molar Mass)/(R)(Temperature) I forget exactly what R is called, but it is a constant. So, you get (.970)(46)/(.0821)(308). Your final answer is 1.76456. Round to as many decimal places as your teacher prefers

What does each degree on the celsius scale represent?

The Celsius scale was created so that 0 was defined as water's freezing point and that 100 was defined as water's boiling point (at 1 ATM of preasure). /\ (that means "delta" or "change of/in") /\ 1C = /\1.8F So if the temp increases by 1 degree celsius, then that is a 1.8 degree increase Fahrenheit .

Zinc normal phase?

Solid under standard pressure and temperature conditions (0 degree Celsius, 273 K, and 1 atm)

The temp of boiling water in Celsius?

That depends a lot on the pressure - at higher altitudes (less pressure), the boiling point is lower. At standard pressure (1 atm.), the answer is 100 degree Celsius.

What volume will 3.12 moles of SF6 gas occupy if the temperature and pressure of the gas are 141 degree celsius and 7.77 ATM?

The volume is 13,64 L.

What is the density of nitrogen at 100 psi?

8.51 g/l at standard temperature (0 degrees Celsius,) but 7.93 g/l at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius). 1.251 g/l * 1 ATM / (100 psi * .0680459639 ATM/psi) = 8.51 g/l 1.251 g/l * 1 ATM / (100 psi * .0680459639 ATM/psi) / (293 K / 273 K) = 7.93 g/l

What described water at 100 Celsius and 1 ATM pressure?

Water boils at 100C at 1 ATM

What is the density of methane at 2 ATM pressure at 27 degree centigrade?

0.001307 g/cm3 See the related link below from Wolfram|Alfa to confirm.

What happens to water at 100 Celsius as pressure is increased from 0.8 ATM to 1.2 ATM?

The water is in the gas phase.

A sample of Xenon gas at 20degree Celsius and 0.570 ATM is cooled to a pressure of 0.100 ATM If the volume remains constant What is the final Celsius temperature?

It would be -221.7 deg C.