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According to ASTM 967, the compound used is CuSO4x5H2O.

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Q: What is the formula for Copper Sulphate for testing for presence of Stainless Steel?
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What is the change in color in testing for the presence of protein in egg albumin using solution sodium hydroxide and copper sulfate?

Copper sulphate when mixed with a protein will turn purple if the amount of protein is sufficient enough in quantity to trigger the reaction. Planex1234 says; No offense but i think it is starch that turns dark blue - purple. Thetada says: the colour changes are arguably similar. Iodine solution goes blue/black in the presence of starch. The colour that sodium hydroxide / copper sulphate solution goes in the presence of protein is variously described as mauve / purple.

Why did each of the solutions turn iodine blueblack at the start of the experiments?

Iodine is famous for testing of the presence of starch. I would assume starch is present in the solution, therefore iodine would turn blue. Originally, the colour of iodine solution is brown.

Based on seismographic testing the inner core is believed to be?

Based on seismographic testing, the inner core is believed to be _____. Based on seismographic testing, the inner core is believed to be solid.

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What does soil testing tell the farmer?

My teacher is stupid!

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