What is the goal of the green revolution?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was to increase the worlds food supply, which unfortunaltely depleated the worlds water supply

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Q: What is the goal of the green revolution?
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An environmental problem that resulted from the green revolution was?

An environmental problem that resulted from the Green Revolution was depleted waterways. The Green Revolution happened between the 1940s and 1960s.

How do you prepare green revolution project?

A green revolution project begin with a thorough analysis of current agriculture productions. Then technology is used to help aid deficits.

Why did they adopt the green revolution technology?

In the 1960, the GREEN REVOLUTION introduced farmers to varieties of grain that were more productive, the widespread use of pesticides, and different methods for farming.

How is the Green Revolution associated with loss of soil fertility?

The Green Revolution refers to the technology initiatives taken from the 1940s-1970s to increase efficiency of agricultural production. These initiatives include the use of pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, and high yield varieties of seeds (HYVs). But the Green Revolution also has also caused a decrease in soil fertility and biodiversity because of the pesticides and excess use of fertilizers. In Pubjab, the land has degraded since the the Green Revolution. With multiple crop rotations in a single year and heavy chemical fertilizers, the land has lost its carbon material, and it not as fertile as before, despite an increase in production.

What is meaning of green revolution?

green revolution is a famous reform movement which took place in agricultural sector as part of the goals of the five year plans to attain self sufficiency in food was done through the adaptation of new technologies in the agrarian sector. after green revolution the agricultural sector of india attained self sufficiency in food production which befor suffered stagnation in the agricultural sector.