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Bbljt ut

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Q: What is the igneous intrusion similar to but larger than a laccolith?
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An igneous intrusion that cuts across rock layers is called a?

A discordant intrusion is known as a dyke. A larger intrusion may also be a pluton or batholith, which both also cut across rock strata. A sill is an intrusion which is concordant, and goes between the strata. This does not necessarily mean that it is horizontal.

What is larger sill dike laccolith or batholith?

The Batholith would be the larger feature.

When a igneous rock with large cystals cools what is it?

An intrusive igneous rock has larger crystals than an extrusive igneous rock because it has had a longer period of time to solidify underground.

Why do intrusive igneous rocks have shiny appearances?

Intrusive igneous rocks have a shiny appearance because they form slowly, giving them larger crystals.

What is an igneous rock with crystals?

Granite with larger crystals, basalt with smaller crystals.

What term denotes the larger mineral grains in a porphyritic igneous rock?


Is igneous rock that cooled above ground larger then being cooled under ground?


How does the rate of cooling influence crystal size of igneous rocks and how does that help you to distinguish between intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks?

The longer that magma is able to cool, the larger the crystals will be. Intrusive rocks will have larger crystals than extrusive rocks. For example granite (intrusive) has larger grains than rhyolite (extrusive).

What would have larger crystals igneous rock that formed below earths surface or above?


What rock has larger crystals than basalt and granite?

A pegmatite is a rock formed under certain favorable circumstances that enhance the crystal size of the rock. The crystals would be larger than those in basalt, an extrusive igneous rock, and granite, and intrusive igneous rock.

How is the size of mineral crystals in igneous rock related to the rate at which they cool?

When igneous rocks cool quickly, they have small crystals and have a texture that may be described as aphanitic. When igneous rocks cool slowly, they have much larger crystals and have a texture that may be described as phaneritic or pegmatitic.

An intrusive igneous rock will have what type of texture?

Intrusive igneous rock has a coarse, visible crystalline texture. Intrusive igneous rocks are formed from slow cooling of magma. The additional time spent in a liquid state allows for the creation of larger mineral crystals. An igneous rock with a coarse texture is said to be phaneritic.