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About 70% water, 30% land. Since we are talking about total land mass and total water mass, the amount of water on the Earth is about 3% of total land mass. People seem to forget about the rest of the soil under the ground to the core. I will get a related link for this question at a later time.

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Q: What is the land to water ratio of the world?
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Take a map of the world and explain the ratio of water and land?

It is known that the Earth's surface is covered by 70% water as a fact. This tells us that the ratio of water is to land is 7:3, without referring to a world map.

What is the ratio of water to land?

The land to water ratio that is on Earth is approximately 71 percent water, and 29 percent land. Salt water to fresh water ratio is approximately 40 to 1.

What is the land to water ratio of japan?

20:6 ratio

What is the ratio of land to water on Earth?

Roughly 70 percent water, 30% land. There is no truly exact measurement.

Which US state has the highest water to land ratio?

The US state with the highest water to land ratio is Alaska. Alaska has a water to land ratio of 60.40%, which is the highest of any US state. Alaska is followed by Hawaii (37.20%), Florida (30.90%), and Rhode Island (30.50%).

What is the ratio for both land and water?

What_is_the_land_to_water_ratio_of_the_worldAlready answered. Wasting time.

What is the sea to land ratio?

75-25, in favor of water, the same as our bodies (75% water).

What is man land ratio?

man land ratio

How can you use ratio in a sentence?

A ratio is a proportional relationship between two numbers or quantities. An example sentence would be: The ratio of water to land is astounding.

What proportion of the earth's surface is land and what is water?

The water:land ratio is about 70:30

How many is land in Philippines?

problaly if you are refering to the ratio of land to water well it is composed of about 99.38% land and .62% of water. Philippines is approximately 300,000 KM2 of land area. source: Wikipedia

What US state has the lowest water-to-land ratio of all 50 states?

new mexico

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