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the lowest tempture to spray paint is 30

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Q: What is the lowest temperature to spray paint?
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How do you put spray paint in your hair?

Get the can of spray paint and point it towards your hair then spray. You don't put spray paint in your hair!!! The poisons can kill you!!!

How to paint car blinkers?

You can paint your car blinkers with spray paint. You can use any type of Marine spray paint. The spray paint should be water resistant.

What type of Krylon paint do you buy for Spray Paint art?

Gloss. You can use any type of spray paint for spray paint art, but be sure it is gloss.

How do you Spray paint good?

answer this question: how do you spray paint badly? then do the opposite. Of course, it depends what you are spray painting

How do you blend spray paint not car spray paint grafitti?

Uhm. You spray the colors you want to mix...

What is the best aerosol car spray paint lacquer?

Its not car paint, but Montana spray paint is definitely the best paint in a spray can. I dont think you will find actual car paint in an aerosol can, but I could be wrong.

Spray paint what sealer do you use on spray paint art?

If you mean on top of a spray paiting, just use clear glossy spray paint. Thats what i use as a seal and it works great.

Can you spray krylon h20 laytex paint over acrylic spray paint?


How do you stop spray paint from eating styrofoam?

You have to use design center spray paint

How do you spray-paint your car so that it looks like a professional paint job professional paint spray aerosol?

you dont

What is inside of a spray can?

spray can intestines (also known as spray paint)

Does spray paint melt styrofoam?

serten acies in side of spray paint can melt styrofoam