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NH4OH pH = 11.63

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Q: What is the pH of Ammonium Hydroxide?
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What is the ammonium hydroxide pH level?

11.6 Ph

What is the pH value of ammonium hydroxide solution?

It depends on the molarity of the solution

Explain what happens when sodium hydroxide solution is added to ammonium hydroxide?

No reaction takes place. pH of the solution increase.

What is the name for NH4OH?

Ammonium Hydroxide

Is ammonium hydroxide acid?

No, ammonium hydroxide is a base.

What is the pH value of ammonia?

Ammonia is a gas that is highly soluble in water. When in solution with water, ammonia becomes ammonium hydroxide, which is strongly basic. The pH of the solution depends on the concentration of ammonium hydroxide, temperature, etc. I happen to think its about 11.5 Dude, yer wrong - its 11.6 definitely.

Is Ammonium an Acid and Ammonium Hydroxide a Base?

No: Ammonium is a polyvalent cation that is not usually considered either an acid or a base. Ammonium hydroxide is a base that produces ammonium salts of the anions of an acid with which the ammonium hydroxide reacts.

What are chemical or a combination of chemicals that maintains a constant pH upon the addition of small amounts of acid and base?

ist combination Acetic acid and Sodium acetate pH acidic, 2nd combination Ammonium hydroxide and Ammonium chloride pH basic.

What happens when ammonium hydroxide decomposes?

When ammonium hydroxide decomposes, its ions are changed into two compounds. These two compounds are the same that ammonium hydroxide is formed from. Thus, ammonium hydroxide decomposes into water and ammonia.

What acid neutralises ammonium hydroxide to make ammonium chloride?

Hydrochloric acid neutralises ammonium hydroxide to make ammonium chloride.

What concentration of ammonium hydroxide?

A common concentration of ammonium hydroxide solution is 25 %.

How is ammonium hydroxide used?

Ammonium Hydroxide is used in commercial cleaning products.