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PC is an abbreviation for phosphocreatine. PC, like ATP, is stored in the muscle cells, and when it is broken down, a large amount of energy is released. The energy released is coupled to the energy requirement necessary for the resynthesis of ATP.

The total muscular stores of both ATP and PC are very small. Thus, the amount of energy obtainable through this system is limited. In fact, if you were to run 100 meters as fast as you could, the phosphagen stores in the working muscles would probably be empty by the end of the sprint. However, the usefulness of the ATP-PC system lies in the rapid availability of energy rather than quantity. This is extremely important with respect to the kinds of physical activities that we are capable of performing

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Q: What is the phosphate energy System?
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What is the primary energy system-required when a softball player hits a home run?

creatine phosphate energy system is what softball players use for homeruns and batting...

What is creatine phosphate system?

what is the creatine phosphate system?

How is energy released from ATP stored in cells?

ATP energy is stored in its 3 phosphate bonds. When the 3rd phosphate bond is broken, the energy is released. Then it only has 2 phosphate bonds.

Where are high energy bonds found in ATP?

It has 2 high-energy phosphate bonds.

Phosphocreatine Energy System waste products?

The only waste product is creatinine as the phosphate group gets recycled

Why is it that the phosphate end of ATP stores potential energy?

Energy is stored the bond connecting the phosphate group. When it is removed it releases energy.

What about the energy of biochemical reactions is true?

ATP stores chemical energy in its phosphate bonds. Energy is released when the phosphate bond is broken.

What purpose does creatine phosphate serve?

Creatine Phosphate Supplies energy to regenerate ATP from ADP and phosphate.

How do ATP and creatine phosphate interact?

Creatine phosphate supplying energy to regenerate ATP from ADP and phosphate.

When adding or taking away a phosphate group when is energy released and required?

when you add a phosphate group it requires energy

Were does ATP store its energy?

When ATP is formed from ADP and free phosphate, energy is stored in the bond between the terminal phosphate and the rest of the molecule.When a cell requires energy, it breaks this bond, the terminal phosphate is freed, and a packet of energy is released for the cell to use.

What energy system is being used in 100m sprint?

ATP-PC system Adenosine triphosphate.- phosphocreatine phosphocreatine is broken down into phosphate and creatine molecules. as with any bonds that are broken energy is released. The phosphate molecule bonds to ADP (adenosine diphosphate) which produced an ATP molecule. This ATP molecule is used within cells to make energy.