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The relationship is that both angles are the same

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Q: What is the relationship between the angle of insolation and northern hemisphere latitude March 21?
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Name the hemisphere according to latitude in which india lies?

The hemisphere according to latitude in which India lies is Northern Hemisphere.

How many degrees of latitude are in the northern hemisphere?

there are 90 degrees of latitudes in northern hemisphere

Is Greece in the northern or southern hemisphere?

Greece is in the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere is north of the equator. The southern hemisphere is south of the equator. You can find this out on a map and/or with latitude or longitude.

What line of latitude that divides the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere?

the equator.

What region is US in?

The US is in the Northern Hemisphere by latitude and the Western Hemisphere by longitude.

What is US region?

The US is in the Northern Hemisphere by latitude and the Western Hemisphere by longitude.

Is Casablanca in the northern hemisphere?

Yes. It lies at 33° 32' northern latitude.

In which hemisphere is India located?

northern hemisphere

China is in what hemisphere?

northern hemisphere

Does India lie in the eastern or western hemisphere?

India lies in the eastern hemisphere. It is also in the northern hemisphere.

What latitude line divides the earth into the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere?

0 degrees or the Equator

Is Portugal in th southern hemisphere?

Yes, Portugal is in the Northern Hemisphere. Portugal's latitude is 38 degrees 42 minutes North latitude. That means that it's 38 degrees North of the Equator. Being north of the Equator places Portugal in the Northern Hemisphere.