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It is a whiteout. They call it a white out because you pretty mush see white when your outside because of so much snow coming down and building up.

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Q: What is the result of heavy snowfall and blowing snow?
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Can snow cause strange noises outside after heavy snowfall?


What are high winds and heavy blowing snow?


When is it going to snow in swansea?

Could see heavy snowfall by the end of the month do be prepared!

Can heavy snow result from an earthquake?


Where is heaviest snowfall in Ireland?

Ireland does not get very heavy snowfalls normally, but when it does snow heavily it is in the mountainous regions, like the Wicklow mountains, where snow is heaviest and lasts longest.

Is the snowfall in Antarctica heavy or light?

Antarctica is a desert with less than five percent humidity. There is not enough moisture or warmth for snow.

What does the number of snow flakes on weather map indicate two to four?

Its simply a visual indication to distinguish between the amount of expected snowfall. Some areas may be expecting only light snow - while others might get really heavy snowfall. The more snowflakes on the weather-map icon - the heavier the expected snowfall.

Why do houses in kashmir have sloping roofs?

due to heavy rainfall and heavy snowfall people use slanting roofs so that the rain and snow easily slides of. gauri aggarwal vi

How much snowfalls in different areas of antarctica?

Antarctica is arid, so there is no 'snowfall' per se. Most of the snow-like phenomenon one sees there is blowing ice crystals.

Which characteristics of coniferous trees prevents parts of the tree from breaking after heavy snowfall?

The flexibility of branches and the density (or lack thereof) of foliage that can hold snow.

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What does snowfall means?

"Snowfall" can be used in a couple different ways. It can refer to a period of snow falling as well as to describe the amount of fallen snow.