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boreal or taiga

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Q: What is the word for subarctic evergreen forest?
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What are subarctic evergreen forest called?


What is a region of evergreen coniferous forest below the arctic and subarctic tundra regions?


What are huge subarctic evergreen forest?

The vast tracts of northern conifer forests, mostly Siberian, but also a little Canadian.

Word that starts with U that has to do with taiga?

you can see an evergreen forest in a tundra

Where is the location of a taiga?

Another contributor has said: There is only one Taiga in the world, and it expands from Finland to Russia, Alaska, Sweden, Canada, and Norway. It is a subarctic evergreen forest and it is the largest biome in the world.

Why do equatorial forest known as evergreen forest?

the equatorial forest is known as evergreen forest because the forest is full of trees and plants

What forest word starts with e?

· Eastern White Pine · Elm · Eucalyptus · Evergreen

Where can an evergreen be found?

Evergreen comes from the forest or jungle.

When was Evergreen Forest Elementary School created?

Evergreen Forest Elementary School was created in 1978.

What climates are subarctic and filled with coniferous forest?


Do beavers live in the tropical evergreen forest?

No. The word "tropical" is your clue. Beavers are not in tropical areas.

Difference between tropical evergreen and tropical monsoon forest?

The differentiate between tropical evergreen and tropical monsoon forest is that it have less rainfall but tropical monsoon forest have more rainfall than the tropical evergreen forest.