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Active and passive margins describe the various characteristics of continental margins that are a result of plate tectonics. An active margin usually has numerous volcanoes and mountains, while a passive margin typically do not have these formations.

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Q: What is usually found at an active margin but NOT at a passive margin?
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Where are broad sediment covered continental shelves found in active pr passive margins?

passive margin

What are two structures you would find at a passive continental margin?

There are two structures that would be found at a passive continental margin. These structures are continental shelves and continental slopes.

What sedimentary rock is found to characterize the active continental margin?


What three mineralogically-distinct sedimentary rock types are found to characterize the passive continental margin?

Shale, sandstone, and limestone.

Submarine canyons are usually found in which region?

continental margin

Which is found far inland?

either active continental crust or passive continental crust.

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