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The stratosphere (about 10 to 50 km altitude) is above the lowest level, the troposphere, and is separated from it by the tropopause. (see related question)

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Q: What layer of atmosphere is the second closest to earth's surface?
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What is the earths second layer of earths atmosphere?


Do the closest planet to the sun always have the hottest surface temperatures?

No. For example Venus is the second closest planet but is the hottest. This is because it has a thick atmosphere and therefore it holds the heat in more than Mercury (the closest planet) does.

Is The stratosphere the closest layer to the Earth's surface?

Troposphere is closest the earth's surface.Stratosphere is the second closest on earth surface.

The second layer of the earths atmosphere?

The second layer of the Earth's atmosphere is called Stratosphere.

Which planet has the hottest surface temperature and is about as big as the earth?

Venus. It is sometimes called Earths twin planet due to it being a similar size and composition. It is also the planet that comes closest to ours. Although Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, it is only the second hottest planet after Venus. Venus gets hotter as the thick carbon Dioxide atmosphere holds the heat more effectively, while Mercury has no atmosphere.

What is the common gas in earths atmosphere?

Nitrogen makes up most of our atmosphere. Second is Oxygen.

Why is it important that a satellite be above Earths atmosphere?

Please remember that close to Earth's surface, a satellite must move at a speed of about 7900 meters/second. If it is inside the Earth's atmosphere, the force of friction will make the satellite lose energy. As a result, it will soon crash to the Earth's surface.

What is the middle layer of earths atmosphere?


The Earths atmosphere is composed of how many different layers?

The Earth's atmosphere is composed in FIVE different layers. The first one is the Troposphere, which is the closest to the Earth's surface. The second one is the stratosphere. The third atmosphere is called the mesosphere, which contains the coldest air temperature. The forth is thermosphere, which contains the ionosphere that are made up of electrically charged particles (note that the ionosphere is not one of the atmosphere). The last part of the atmosphere is the exosphere, which is the region of the space travel. It is also the furthest atmospheric layer from the Earth.

What would be the amount of energy from the sun to hit the earths surface on a clear day the amount in 1 second?

Outside the atmosphere, the power that hits Earth's surface is about 1.361 kilowatts per square meter; for the entire Earth, the power is about 1.740×1017 Watts. (Reminder: 1 watt = 1 joule / second.) This is the amount outside the atmosphere; how much reaches the Earth will depends on clouds, etc, but ideally, about 2/3 of this power should reach the surface.

What is a stratospohere?

The stratosphere is a layer of Earth's atmosphere. The stratosphere is the second layer, as one moves upward from Earth's surface, of the atmosphere.

How do you use the word stratosphere in a sentence?

The stratosphere is the second closest layer of the atmosphere to the earth. The ozone is in the stratosphere.