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Q: What term describes the part of the atmosphere that can sustain life?
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Why are the biosphere and atmosphere especially important for mankind?

The biosphere and atmosphere are especially important for mankind because we are part of the biosphere and we depend on the atmosphere to sustain ourselves and much of the biosphere.

Does Pluto have breathable air?

No, Pluto lacks a developed atmosphere, and breathable air, and cannot sustain life. Part of the air that we breath would condense on Pluto anyway, since it is so cold.

What is the french name for nitrogen and what does it mean?

'azote' which is 'the part of air which cannot sustain life'

How does the nervous system sustain life?

It sustain life by sending message or singal to one part of u body to another to let you body know what u wont it to do or it just know what to do an it does it by it self.

In what part of the atmosphere does life occur?

Life occurs in the troposphere. It is the lower most level of the atmosphere and is the region below 12 km.

What common gas was not part of Earth's original atmosphere?

Oxygen, now about 20% of the atmosphere, was not part of the original atmosphere of hthe Earth. It was produced by plants, after life developed.

What part of the atmosphere protects life from radiation?

Radiation can destroy life. Ozone protects from it.

What is an organ in the context of biology?

An organ is a part of an organism's body that performs a function in order to sustain life.

What is the difference between the ozone layer and the atmosphere?

The atmospheric layers are part of the earth's atmosphere. They are one and the same.

Explain how the metosphere is not part of the atmosphere?

The mesophere is part part of the atmosphere it is the cold part of the atmosphere.

Which gases in Earth's atmosphere is a not a part of the life process of many organisms?

water vapor

What part of speech is the word sustain?

The word sustain is a regular verb. The past tense is sustained.