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Q: What type of bond forms between barium and oxygen?
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What type of bond forms between barium and tin?

Barium and tin are both metals, so they would not form any kind of bond.

What are the chemical properties for barium?

Barium can bond easily with oxygen and the halogens family(row 17)

What kind of bond forms between hydrogen and oxygen?

There is little evidence of such a compound.

What type of bond forms when two atoms of oxygen form an oxygen molecule?

A covalent bond

Does the attraction of opposite charges between hydrogen and oxygen forms a weak bond?

no, this is false it forms a hydrogen bond.

In both liquid water and ice a hydrogen bond forms between .?

A hydrogen bond forms between the hydrogen(s) of one water molecule, and the oxygen molecule of another water molecule.

A hydrogen bond forms between molecules that contain hydrogen bonded to?

Nitrogen, Oxygen and Fluorine

How many of oxygen atoms there is in barium hydroxide?

Ba(OH)2 As you can see, two oxygen atoms. You will learn that barium is an alkaline earth metal with two valance electrons to donate to this compound and that hydroxide is a polyatomic ion, that is a interior covalent bond between oxygen and hydrogen, and a charge of 1 -. So, you need two hydroxides for every one barium.

What type of bond would form between carbon and oxygen atoms?

Covalent bond

What type of bond occurs between barium and sulfur?

An ionic bond would occur between sulfur and barium.

How many electron's are transferred in the ionic bond between sulfur and barium?

Two electrons are transferred to sulfur from barium to form barium sulfide.

What happens when a ionic bond forms between magnesium with an atomic number of 12 and oxygen with an atomic number of 8?

Two electrons are trasfered from magnesium to oxygen and ionic bond is formed.