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That's what I'm trying to find out. Can somebody please answer it.! D:

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Convergent boundaries

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Q: What type of faulting is found where two slabs of continental lithosphere are converging?
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What were the folding and faulting found in rocks of the blue ridge mountains created by?

Collisions Of Continental Plates

What types of crust can be found in the lithosphere?

There are two types of crust, there is the oceanic and the continental crust.

What layer of earth makes up the plates?

the crust + lithosphere earth's crust: crust crust continental crust lithosphere crust continental and oceanic crust mantle asthenosphere mantle lower mantle mantle outer core outer core inner core inner core

What type of landform is found at converging continental plates Why?

When two continental plates collide, the crust is thickened, buckled and deformed--gaining elevation. Mountain chains are the result; their creation occurring over periods of millions of years.

Do volcanoes form on diverging or converging plate boundaries more?

Most are found on converging

Is calcium carbonate a lithosphere?

No! Its a compound found within the lithosphere.

Which is the 4th largest element found on lithosphere?

Iron, Fe, is the 4th largest element found on the lithosphere.

The Gutenberg Discontinuity is found beneath this layer of the lithosphere?

The Gutenberg discontinuity is actually found at the base of the mantle, not the lithosphere.

Where do we found silicon?

silicon from lithosphere

Where is antimony found?

It is found in the lithosphere, which is the solid part of the earth.

What are interesting facts about the lithosphere?

The word Lithosphere means ball of stone in Greek.The Lithosphere was first found by a seismographThe lithosphere is made up of the crust and uppermost brittle mantle.

Where are island and continents found?

lithosphere Islands and continents are usually found in areas that have been surrounded by a large mass of water.