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Chemical weathering

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Q: What weathering alter the internal structure of minerals by removing and or adding elements?
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What weathering alters the internal structures of minerals by removing or adding elements?

Chemical weathering

Are minerals natural?

Yes. Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic elements or compounds with a definite internal structure of ions and a chemical formular.

What is a minerals acc to geologist?

geologist define minerals as a homogenous,naturally occurring substances with a definable internal structure."

Is minerals rocks?

No, minerals are not rocks. Minerals are one or more elements stacked together which forms a crystal structure. A rock is composed of one or more minerals.

How does weathering change minerals?

Physical or mechanical weathering

What is the silicate mineral that originates as a product of chemical weathering?

Clay minerals are the product of chemical weathering of silicate minerals, such as feldspars. Clays are silicate minerals.

A type of chemical weathering in which minerals react with dissolved oxygen in water is known as?

Physical weathering is a type of weathering in which minerals react with dissolved oxygen in water. This causes chemical changes to take place in the minerals.

What happens to the minerals in rocks as a result of chemical weathering?

During chemical weathering, minerals in rocks can undergo a process of decomposition and transformation. This occurs as water and atmospheric gases react with the minerals, causing them to dissolve or alter their chemical composition. For example, minerals rich in iron can oxidize and form rust, while silicate minerals can break down and release their constituent elements. Ultimately, this can lead to the formation of new minerals and the release of dissolved ions into water streams.

How are crystals different from rocks?

A crystal is a structure. A mineral is a material. A crystal is a regular arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in a solid. This regular internal structure leads to a geometrically regular external shape. Sodium chloride (common salt) crystals, for example, are cubic. A mineral is any element or compound, normally occurring naturally as crystals. Rocks consist of two or more minerals.

What is it called when chemical reactions dissolve the minerals in rock or change them into different minerals?

It's called dissolution, a form of chemical weathering.

Not a reliable indicator of a minerals identity because it can be changed by weathering?

Not a reliable indicator of a minerals identity because it can be changed by weathering?

Is hydration an example of weathering?

A type of Chemical weathering that happens when water interacts with minerals.