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Yo Momma is the weathering of the subsoil because she has her own gravitonal pull

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Q: What weathers the subsoil layer of soil?
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Is the layer of soil beneath the topsoil?


What is the layer below the top soil?


What is the layer of below top soil?


What is a layer of soil at the surface of the ground?

A layer of soil at the surface of the ground is subsoil. Subsoil is made up of small particles including silt, sand, and clay.

A layer of soil just below the topspoil is?


What is the layer of soil with little or no organic matter?


Which soil layer is least similar to underlying rock?


What is the layer of soil?

The top layer is litter, the second layer is topsoil, the third layer is subsoil, and the last layer is bedrock.

What is a large layer of soil below the topsoil that begins with with s?

The subsoil.

What is the final layer of of soil formed?

the bottom layer of soil is broken-down bedrock. first one is topsoil. second one is subsoil.

Top layer of soil is called?

The top layer of soil where grass grows is called Humus. The next layer is the topsoil, and the layer after that is the subsoil.

How does soil form layers?

Soil is made of 3 main layers: topsoil, subsoil and the layer of parent material. The topsoil contains most of the humus (which is a dark organic material of the soil), it is formed from the decay of various organisms The thick layer of soil below topsoil is subsoil, it is lighter in colour in comparison with the topsoil and often contains a lot of clay. Water carries minerals an other materials down into this layer and most tree roots grow down into the subsoil The bottom layer contains large rocks, this is the material from which the soil above is partly formed. The bottom layer is the parent material, these rocks break down into gravel, sand and clay that become part of the subsoil