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The sodium burns, spilting the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen itself then burns with explosive force.

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Q: What will happen if sodium metal was added to water?
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Why sodium is explosive?

Sodium explodes when added to water because it is an alkaline metal.

Why Sodium metal is not treated with water?

Sodium is an unstable element which reacts violently when in contact with water. Sodium added to water can result in explosions.

What alkali is produced when sodium chloride is added to water?

Sodium chloride is dissociated in water in Na+ and Cl-. Sodium is an alkali metal.

What happen when metal is added to water?

it depends what metal it is, if it is a reactive metal like potassium or sodium it will effervesce (bubble) and create a metal hydroxide and hydrogen. if it is a less reactive metal it will create a metal oxide and hydrogen (zinc, etc)

What is the name of the gas that is produced when sodium metal is added to cold water?


What happens when water is added to a metal halide namely SnI4?

When water is added to a metal namely SnI4, nothing will happen. Both water and metal will remain at its normal state.

What will happen when sodium chloride is added to solution of weak acid?

The sodium chloride will dissolve as it does in ordinary water.

What happen to the sodium chloride crystals when added to 10 ml of water?

Sodium chloride is very soluble in water; these crystals will be dissolved.

What is the reaction of metal with water?

metal + water = metal hydroxide + hydrogen For example: Sodium + Water = Sodium Hydroxide + hydrogen

What metal burns in water?

The metal that burns in water is sodium.

Why would sodium not be good for dental applications?

Sodium metal reacts violently with water, which would no be a good thing to happen inside your mouth.

Why happen when water react with sodium metal?

It forms NaOH... And its reacts with explosion. .depends on quantity of Na

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