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when rivers enter oceans or lakes, the water slows and sediment is deposited.

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when the streams might snake back and forth across their vally, eroding and depositing sediments along the way

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Every time but specially in flood .

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Q: When are sediments transported by a river deposited?
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Where does a River erode sediment?

sediments are transported by ocean rift, streams, river currents, wind (air). they are deposited according to size. The largest sediments are deposited first. The sediments settle into the sand and are carried by the stream. Near the mouth of the stream where the water moves slowly the small sediments settle out. The larger sediments get carried by the river into the sea then the samller sediments. The sea water dissolved minerals and soak the sediments and cement together. This eventually forms sediments.

What is the amount of sediments deposited annually by the miss river?

tons of thousands of sediments are deposited each day

Most river sediments are deposited?

They are deposited at the river mouth, before it finally empties its water into the ocean.

Transported sediments are usually deposited at what location?

a decrease in the speed of the agent of erosion occurs

Why do the sediments get deposited when a river runs into a lake or sea?

Generally the speed of the transported load slows down considerably with the change in the transport medium from stream to lake or sea. As the energy of the motion is reduced, gravity claims the sediments.

What is the relationship between the distance from a river delta into the ocean and the size of sediments deposited on the ocean floor?

The further from the delta, the finer the sediments deposited.

Land formed at the mouth of a river by deposited sediments?

The Delta

What Sediments being transported by streams and deposited on lake bottoms are best representatives of the?

Principle of Uniformitarianism.

How does speed affect where or how sediments are deposited?

The greater the speed the less sediment deposited. A delta is where a river slows way down and sediment is deposited at the mouth of the river.

Where does alluvial soil form?

Alluvial sediments are those deposited by a river.

What happens to materials in a river no longer has the energy to carry them?

They settle out as deposited sediments.

What is the term for the triangular feature created by sediments deposited at the mouth of a river?