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Chemical and Laboratory suppliers

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Q: Where can you find things such as magnesuim or potassium nitrate?
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Where could you find nitrogen in solids?

For example in nitrates as: sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, uranyl nitrate, ammonium nitrate, etc.

Were to get potassium nitrate?

It used to be sold in drugstores; if you can't find it there, try asking the pharmacist.

What is the reaction between silver nitrate and potassium iodide?

learn your chemistry and find out.... Bye

What are the compounds of black powder?

potassium nitrate,sulfur, and charcoal.. you can find all kinds of ratios on google.

Explain how you would prepare a saturated solution of potassium nitrate in water?

Add potassium nitrate to distilled water while stirring continuously; stop adding potassium nitrate once the chemical becomes saturated and stops dissolving in the water. Filter the solution into an evaporating dish and measure the temperature of the solution. Measure the temperature and carefully heat the solution under low heat. Weigh the potassium nitrate to determine its solubility. You should find that approximately 36 g of potassium nitrate can be dissolved in 100 ml of water at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius). santosh kumar.batchu

How do you get potassium nitrate out of a mixture with calcium carbonate?

calcium carbonate+ nitric acid. a strong acid would replace a weaker acid in most ionic compounds, so you would produce calcium nitrate and carbon dioxide. well, being that nitric acid is widely UNAVAILABLE to most people, it is easy to find potassium or sodium nitrate. if you are going specifically for calcium nitrate you can double displace calcium carbonate with potassium or sodium nitrate resulting in potassium or sodium carbonate and (aq) calcium nitrate. the potassium or sodium carbonate will probably precipitate out much quicker than the nitrate depending on how exact your equation for displacement is. and you should be left with (aq) calcium nitrate. boil off the water and preferably recrystallize for purity. if youre using calcium carbonate just to get any form of nitrate, i recommend simply buying potassium nitrate. if it is not assessable in your area and are trying to get an oxidizer ( i assume thats why you are trying to make a nitrate) i recommend going with a chlorate or perchlorate, these are easier to make at home through electrolysis.

How do you separate potassium nitrate from potassium oxide?

Yes. If you mix it with a metal that is higher on the Activity Series of Metals, that metal will replace the lower metal. In our case, Lithium is the only element that is higher than potassium. So, the Lithium would replace the Potassium, forming Potassium and Lithium Nitrate.

How do you find the concentration of 12 gram of potassium nitrate dissolved in 500 ml distilled water in ppm unit?

by coming and getting dora

How on earth do you find the molarity of a 750 ml solution containing 346g of potassium nitrate?

Well potassium nitrate has a molecular weight of 101. If there are 346g in 750ml there will be 346 x 1000/750 = 461.334 g in 1 liter. The solution is thus 461.334/101 = 4.57 molar (2 decimal places).

How do you get potassium nitrate?

Potassium nitrate or Saltpeter may be used in the salting (pickling of meet foods) but may also be used to make up the critical oxidizing component of gun powder. As such many governments have restriced its public sale due to terrorist threats and it is unlikey to be freely available in our modern world.

How do you crystallise potassium nitrate?

It's probably going to be cheaper, easier, and a heck of a lot less messy to just go to the drugstore and buy it, but if you're really insistent on looking for a process you could theoretically do at home, the historic method was extraction from animal feces (yes, really). Hypothetically you could make it from nitric acid and potassium hydroxide, but if you can't find a place to buy potassium nitrate your chances of getting your hands on either of those are pretty low.

Where to find potassium nitrate for homemade corned beef?

Alton Brown says use salt peter, which can be obtained by a pharmacist. Watch his video on making corned beef, online on the Food Network.