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Hurricane occur more frequently over water that is very warm. They generally begin off of the west coast of Africa and travel toward the east coast of the United States.

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Q: Where do hurricanes occur more frequently?
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Where do hurricanes occur more frecuently?

They occur more frequently in fall. Mainly in Japan and areas by the equator. Atlantic Coast mainly.

Do more hurricanes occur dureing August or February?

Hurricanes most often occur in August.

What month do hurricanes frequently occur in the northern hemisphere?

when is the month for hurricane to occur in the northern hemisphere?

How do hurricanes occur most frequently?

They happen more frequently because heat from the sea is usually more available to regions that are situated near seas and oceans thats why hurricans are always common in america and northern africa

Do hurricanes occur more near certain oceans?

Hurricanes originate in the Caribbean.

Were there hurricanes on the yucatan peninsula?

Yes. Hurricanes frequently occur in the Gulf of Mexico.

Does a hurricane or a cyclone involve us more?

Cyclones occur more. This is because all hurricanes are cyclones, but not all cyclones are hurricanes.

Does mitosis or meiosis occur more frequently in your body?

mitosis occurs more frequently then meiosis

Where do the worst hurricanes mainly mainly form?

I wouldn't say there is a usual location for the worst storms - the worst ones can occur anywhere that hurricanes frequently form, such as any part of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, any part of the Pacific, and parts of the Indian Ocean.

Do tornadoes or hurricanes occur in the tropics?

Both can occur in the tropics, though tornadoes are more common in temperate areas. All hurricanes form in the tropics but they can move into temperate regions.

What Are Changes That Occur In Nature?

tsunamis,earthquakes,volcanoes,hurricanes and much more

Where in the water do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes occur over warm ocean water in or near the tropics.