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Q: Where does crude oil get its name?
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What is the name of a factory where crude oil is made?

Crude oil is not "made". "Crude oil" is the name giving to the raw form of oil that is pumped from the ground.

What type of oil are there?

there 1 type of oli and the name is crude oil there 1 type of oli and the name is crude oil

What is another name for petroleum oil?

crude oil

What is Crude oil shot name?


What is another name for petroleum?

Petrol. actually its oil.

What is the traditional name for crude oil?

Dead dinasour

What is the name of a person who studies crude oil?


How is natural gas produced from crude oil?

Natural gas is natural gas. It is not made from crude oil or anything else. Thus the name.

Is petroleum the other name for crude oil?

No, not actually. Crude oil is one type of petroleum. Petroleum is a common term for the liquid (crude oil), gaseous (natural gas), and viscous or solid forms (bitumen and asphalt).

What is another name for black diamonds?

The answer is crude oil(petroleum)

What is Nigeria's position in the world in producing crude oil?

Crude oil is crude..

How are polymers made into crude oil?

Polymers are not made into crude oil. Crude oil is made into polymers.