Where is hurricane going to hit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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SouthEast and Middle West

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Q: Where is hurricane going to hit?
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Is Hurricane Sandy going to hit 96th street?

Hurricane Sandy hit NYCpretty hard.

Is bladenboro nc going to get hit by hurricane Irene?


Is hurricane earl going to hit Virginia?

It is expected to.

Is the hurricane Irene going to hit guatemala as a hurricane?

It is not going anywhere near Central America; it is going up the American East Coast.

Will Hurricane Sandy hit Connecticut?

Hurricane Sandy is not going to make a direct hit on Connecticut, but the state will experience some hazardous conditions.

When is Fay the hurricane going to hit napples Florida?

The hurricane Fay will hit Florida Napples Aug 18 Monday Night. -Taytay80

Who do you think will win tornado or hurricane?

a tornado because of when it hit it it keeps going but a hurricane will stop at land

Is hurricane Irvine going to hit Virginia?

If you mean Irene, then yes, probably.

Is Hurricane Sandy going to hit the UK?

No. Sandy is likely going to dissipate before it can cross the Atlantic.

Will hurricane sandy hit Massachusetts?

Hurricane Sandy is going to make a direct hit on New Jersey, however, Massachusetts will still feel significant affects from this very large storm.

Is a hurricane going to strike New Jersey?

It is probable that a hurricane will eventually strike New Jersey. Hurricane Earl may have affected New Jersey with rain and waves but will not hit it directly.

What is the name of hurricane that is going to hit the east coast?

If your talking about the east coast of Long Island on September 2nd then you're thinking of Hurricane Earl, the second strongest hurricane this season.