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The atmospheric layer that has the greatest range of temperature is the troposphere. In the troposphere, water vapor plays a huge role in the fluctuation of temperatures.

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Q: Which atmospheric layer has the greatest range of temperature?
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What layer of the atmosphere has the greatest range?

The layer that has the greatest range is the ionosphere.

Which biome has the greatest yearly temperature range?


Does Antarctica have the greatest range of temperature?

No, not even close. It's hard to say where the greatest temperature range is, but parts of Siberia can have 90 degree summer days, and -60 winter nights.

In what temperature range can liquid water be found?

From 0ºC to 100ºC depending on pressure, so this is at atmospheric pressure.

Which element is a liquid over the greatest temperature range?

I think its aluminium

Where is annual temperature range greatest?

in the US it is Fairbanks, Alaska. Average January temp is -9.7 F. Average July temperature is 62.4 F. Greatest seasonal temperature range on earth is in Siberia, where it ranges from 70 to -70 F. This is due to its continentality- it's landlocked.

What is the metric temperature scale called?

The metric temperature scale is called the Celsius scale. The scale divides the range of temperatures between freezing and boiling at standard atmospheric condition into 100 equal parts.

What layer of the earth has temperatures reaching up to 11000F?

The Outer Core of the Earth has a temperature range that reaches up to 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the third layer ofÊthe Earth.ÊÊ

Which biome has the widest temperature range?


What is the temperature range on Saturn?

Saturn's atmosphere is comprised of different layers of clouds.At the bottom, there is a 10km layer consisting of ice where the temperature is about -23 degrees Celsius.The next layer is 50km and is about -93 degrees Celsius.About 80km above that is a layer of clouds where the temperature is about -153 degrees Celsius.Saturn also has a warm polar vortex where the temperature is -122 degrees Celsius, as opposed to the normal temperature of -185 degrees Celsius.

How do you find a temperature range?

The highest temperature minus the lowest temperature is the temperature range. The temperature range is how many degrees is in between the highest and lowest temperatures.

Which city has the greatest annual range of temperature San Francisco Ca Portland Oregon Miami Florida or Omaha Nebraska?

san francisco