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I think its aluminium
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Q: Which element is a liquid over the greatest temperature range?
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Which substance remains a liquid over a largest temperature range?

Water remains a liquid over a large temperature range.

The temperature at which a substance becomes a liquid?

It is different for different substances. the generic name for the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid is the melting point. For a pure chemical compound or an element this is usually a sharp temperature rather than a range.

When is helium temperature?

The element helium can exist over a very wide range of temperatures. Helium is notable for having the lowest boiling point of any element. Liquid helium is exceptionally cold.

Which biome has the greatest yearly temperature range?


Which atmospheric layer has the greatest range of temperature?

The atmospheric layer that has the greatest range of temperature is the troposphere. In the troposphere, water vapor plays a huge role in the fluctuation of temperatures.

Does Antarctica have the greatest range of temperature?

No, not even close. It's hard to say where the greatest temperature range is, but parts of Siberia can have 90 degree summer days, and -60 winter nights.

What is the mercury in the thermometer?

The Mercury expands with temperature. Since expansion is linear over the normal range of a mercury-driven thermometer, the level of mercury within a little glass tube indicates the current temperature of the thermometer's immediate environment.

What solids soften and gradually turn into a liquid over a temperature range?


Which substance has the smallest temperature range as a liquid hydrogen or nitrogen?


Where is annual temperature range greatest?

in the US it is Fairbanks, Alaska. Average January temp is -9.7 F. Average July temperature is 62.4 F. Greatest seasonal temperature range on earth is in Siberia, where it ranges from 70 to -70 F. This is due to its continentality- it's landlocked.

What is the temperature range in the tundra lowlands during the month of November?

from liquid nitrogen to lava

Can liquid argon be used in cryogenics?

Liquid argon could in theory be used for cryogenics, but it has a similar temperature range to liquid nitrogen, which is tremendously cheaper and more abundant than argon. For the lower temperature ranges, you would use liquid helium.