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-223C is colder than-210C

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Q: Which is colder -210 or -223 degrees Celsius?
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What type of weather does Neptune have during night and day?

Day: -225 degrees Celsius Night: -223 degrees Celsius -382 Celsius degrees in the morning and-230 degrees Celsius

Which is lower 223 Kelvin or -60 degrees Fahrenheit?

-60 F is colder than 223 kelvin (223 kelvin = -58.27 F).

What is the GCF of 210 and 223?

The GCF is 1.

How cold is charon?

The temperature of Charon is still unknown but we do know that it is farther from the sun the Pluto so it must be colder then -223 Celsius

Convert celsiuses temperature to kelvin temperature?

For example, 0 Kelvin (or absolute zero) is -273 degrees Celsius, so 50 kelvin would be -223 degrees Celsius! just subtract 273 from the Kelvin temperature.

What temperature does hair burn?

Hair will burn at 223 degrees Celsius. Hair can however burn at a much lower temperature if it is damaged.

What is 106.15 Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit?

Start by multiplying 106.15 with 9 and then divide it by 5. Then add 32 to the answer. In this case the answer is 223 degree fahrenheit.

What is temperature range of Neptune?

The temperature on Neptune is-223° C to >-220° C.

What is the tempreture on Pluto?

The temperature on Pluto is about as cold as physically possible. The planet receives almost no heat from the Sun, so most of its atmosphere is perpetually frozen. It also has no discernible internal heat. Scientists using the Submillimeter Array have discovered that Pluto's maximum temperature is about 43 K (−230 °C), 10 K colder than expected.

What are the prime numbers between 210 and 240?

211, 223, 227, 229, 233, 239

Obtuse angle 223 degrees?

acute angle

What is -223 degrees C as Fahrenheit?

you'll need a thermometer for that.