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Leeward islands face away from the northern trade winds.

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Q: Which islands face away from the northern trade winds?
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What islands face away from the northern trade winds?

Leeward islands face away from the northern trade winds.

Islands facing away from the northern trade winds are known as the?

The Windward Islands face away from the northern trade winds. The Leeward Islands are so named as they also face downwind from the Windward Island.

What winds blow away from 30 degree latitudes?

Trade winds

Do trade winds blow from the east and away from the equator?

Yes trade winds always blow to the east due to the western divide by the southern hemisphere

Why did sailors in the past centuries sail kilometers away from a direct route to reach the trade winds?

because they wanted to

The surface winds in a typical Northern Hemisphere high-pressure system are generally moving?

clockwise away from the high-pressure center

Do the winds in a northern hemisphere cyclone spiral counterclockwise away or toward its center?

Toward the center. The low pressure sucks air inward.

How did the northern lights get their name?

The solar winds from the sun are emitted towards the Earth, however, because of the Earth's magnetic field the winds are refracted away from the Earth. At the point where the magnetic field is at its lowest force, the winds can enter the Earth's surface and form an array of lights and colours which are the gases. The fact they are at either ends of the poles is the reason why they are called the Northern and Southern Lights. EASY: They are "lights" and the lights are in the "north", ergo the name, The Northern Lights.

Divergent vs Convergent Winds?

Divergent winds are winds that are moving away from something. Convergent winds are winds that are moving towards something.

What is the sheltered side of an atoll?

It is the side away from the prevailing winds, where storm tides do not generally have as great an impact. For multiple islands, it can be the side facing the central lagoon, where the water is shallower.

What are the steps in global winds?

1. the ground loses heat more quickly than the air does 2. cool northern regions receive warm weather when the heat from the tropics is released winds push masses away from the tropics

Does upwelling happen in open ocean?

Yes, but one type only: equatorial upwelling!There are three types of upwelling: equatorial, coastal, and seasonal.Equatorial upwelling is caused by the winds known as the trade winds. The trade winds blow from east to west in the vicinity of the equator. On the northern side of the equator Ekman Transport is to the right (northward), and on the southern side it is to the left (southward). With water flowing directly away from the equator, both northward and southward, the equator itself has a deficit of water. Hence, water from below upwells to fill in the gap. Equatorial upwelling is most prominent in the Pacific Ocean.