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can mumbai or delhi hit by cyclone or both give reasons

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Q: Which of these can be hit by a cyclone- Mumbai and Delhi are both give reasons?
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Which is better iipm Mumbai or iipm delhi?

Hi, Both IIPM, Mumbai & Delhi are equally good in their own ways in terms of their Infrastructure, Course Content, Faculties and Placements... For details on the programs , kindly contact on 09503269302

Which state is better delhi or Mumbai?

if we see Mumbai its very developed but the worlds biggest slum coloney is in Mumbai,Mumbai has tall skyscrapers for a look cause bollywood has to show the western style in there films Mumbai pays 1\3 tax delhi,delhi is a nice city tourist like delhi because it has many monuments, in mughal times delhi is the place from where emperors rule India delhi is capital of India it has many flyovers,nice roads,metro etc.delhi also have some slum areas but they are very small and till end of 2010 they all will be destroyed because of Commonwealth Games. so,both city is a little same.

What is a subtropical cyclone?

A subtropical cyclone is a cyclone that has both tropical and extratropical characteristics.

Is Delhi cant and old Delhi station are same?

BOth are different stations.. Delhi cantt is on Delhi Jaipur Railway Line and Old Delhi is the Main Delhi station in the Delhi city

What describes both cyclone and anticyclones?

Both cyclones and anticyclones are large storms that travel over water. A cyclone has properties not seen in an anti cyclone such as lower central air pressure and a clockwise rotation.

Is delhi in haryana?

No, Delhi is Saperste state like Haryana. boundary of Delhi touches Haryana. But they both are saperate states.

Which continent is Mumbai and Kolkata in?

They are both in the continent of Asia.

Which is the larger city in area Karachi or Mumbai?

If you're talking about population, Delhi is slightly larger with a population of 16.5 million, while Karachi's is 15 million. Delhi as an urban agglomeration has a population of 22 million, while Karachi's still about 18 million. So, Delhi's larger. In terms of economy, whatever data is available seems to show that Delhi is about twice the size of Karachi, but I'm not sure.

Are hurricanes and tornadoes both types of cyclones?

No. A hurricane is a type of cyclone, but a tornado is not. A cyclone is a large-scale weather system. A tornado is a small-scale circulation.

Can a cyclone occur in Texas?

Yes. Texas can be affected by both tropical and extratropical cyclones.

Is Spain an anti cyclone anticyclone?

Neither, Spain is a country. It can get both cyclones and anticyclones.

What is the similarities between a cyclone and an anticyclone?

Both are large scale circulations in the atmosphere created by pressure differences. A cyclone has a low pressure center and an anticyclone has a high pressure center.