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Clay has the highest water holding capacity. This is because clay is made up very small tightly packed particles that do not allow water to percolate through.

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Q: Which soil has the highest capacity to retain water?
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What soil has a marked capacity to retain water?


Is soil the highest specific heat capacity?

Water has a higher Specific Heat than soil. The very highest is ammonia.

What soil has marked capacity to retain water?

Clay, particles are very fine, which means it has a high surface area, this results in it having a high water holding capacity

What is capillarity in soil?

it is the ability of soil to retain water

Which type of soil retains the most water?

Clayey Soil most retain water.

What is the water holding capacity of loamy soil?

the water holding capacity of the loamy soil is very easy

What soil can retain the most water?

The best one would be gardening soil

Does potting soil retain the most water out of sand potting soil and local top soil?

top soil

What is the ability of a matirial to hold liquid in to a certain extain?

Water holding capacity of soil is just that, the specific ability of a particular type of soil to hold water against the force of gravity. Different types of soils have difference capacities, for example a sand soil had a lower capacity to hold water when compared to a clay soil. The nature of the soil, composition of the soil, amount of organic component and size of the soil particles determine its ability to retain water. Water molecules are held closely to the individual soil particles by forces of cohesion. The maximum amount of water a soil can hold before it is saturated and starts to loose water by gravity is known as "field capacity"

Does black soil retain water?

It depends on what is making the soil black. The colour itself has little to do with water retention.

Which soil has high water retaining capacity?

alluvial soil

What is field capacity of soil?

field capacity is the quantity of water that is retained by a soil after drainage by cohesion and adhesion.