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Appearently no one sence no one has even atempted to answer it , and its been up for days

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Alternative energy companies will make money by producing new power sources.

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Q: Who is going to make money from global warming?
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Is there a cure for global warming?

there hasn't been a cure for global warming yet but they are trying to make one without paying much money but honestly I don't think there is one.

Which continent contributed the most in global warming?

Countries in Asia such as China are currently contributing the most to global warming. This is because they are currently going through an industrial revolution, and have a lot of factories which make a lot of pollution.

What is global warming and how is it hurting our planet?

global warning is a stupid theory Al Gore made up to make money for no reason at doesn't exist

Instead of talking about global warming why are people not acting?

Because no one wants to make the sacrifices required to stop global warming.

Could global warming make snakes bigger?

No, global warming is unlikely to make snakes or any animals bigger. Their habitats are warming so animals are already on the move seeking cooler climates.

How is global warming affecting the geosphere?

ice has shiny surface .it reflects sunlight so it prevents earth from global warming as it melts due to global warming sunlight is not reflected and more global warming occurs . ice turns into water which absorbs sunlight and it is in contact with ice and ant make it melt so polar ice is melting very fastly in cycle . polar animals need this ice to survive so they are going to extinct. global warming also make air hot ^ Just editing to say that this is the Cryosphere not the Geosphere! I too need help with the geosphere!

What are the economic losses due to pollution?

The more polution there is, the more danger we are in due to global warming. Global Warming causes more storms, and with more storms more buildings and cars get damaged. If more cars get damaged, then we have to keep on making money, and the more money we make the more chaos is caused in Earth. If we took care of the Earth and our surroundings, then Global Warming wouldn't excist and we wouldn't have to worry so much.

Can a building freeze because of global warming?

No. That wouldn't make sense anyway, seeing as it is global WARMING not freezing! The building is more likely to melt :)

What is a thesis statement on the causes and effects of global warming?

There are several thesis statements one could make about global warming and its effects in the world. For example: Global warming is resulting in more frequent and more severe weather events.

What are some slogans against global warming?

Why we are using plastic bags in spite of global warmingEarth-please do think about me!"Global warming, a Global warning""Alone we can make a difference , but together we can change the world and protect our mother earth from global warming""We're burning our children's inheritance""Global Warming - A topic that's heating up"There are lots of possible slogans.Let's leave the world in usable condition for the next generation.Let's act now, before Antarctica melts.Global warming is real, the glaciers are already melting.Global warming is going to become a huge problem unless we act now.Global warming is the biggest challenge of the 21st century.If we do not deal with global warming, the human race has no future.Global warming is worse than you think.the world and greenstop,global warming,save your future"I am hot, but the earth should not be!"Use it, then turn it off at the wall.Give a hoot - don't pollute.stop,global warming,save your futureRecycle, for your grandchildren's sakeGlobal Warming Is Global WarningIf you want wood, if you want food, plant trees wherever you is the place to and not water

Does global warming caused hole in ozone layer?

The ozone layer and global warming are very loosely connected. It is the carbon emissions around the ozone layer that are causing global warming.

How does photosynthesis and cellular respiration relate to global warming?

well it is said that plants can help stop global warming. So, they have photosynthesis and do cellular respiration to take in carbon dioxide and make it oxygen. global warming has to do with carbon dioxide. there you go! :)