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Hurricanes are fueled by the moisture that evaporates from warm ocean water. Cold water and especially land cannot provide that much moisture.

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Q: Why do hurricanes rapidly lose power when they move over cold water or land?
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Where do hurricanes not form?

Hurricanes do not form over land or over cold ocean water.

Does hurricanes start over cold land?

No, hurricanes start over warm water.

When hot water and cold water meet does a hurricane form?

No. Hurricanes form best when the water is warm. Cold water actually weakens them.

Why are hurricanes not formed near Canada?

Hurricanes need warm ocean water to form. The waters near Canada are to cold for hurricanes to form.

Why don't hurricanes occur in the high latitudes?

Hurricanes require warm ocean water to form and maintain their strength. The water in the higher latitudes is too cold.

6 Why is the US Pacific coast rarely the target of hurricanes?

the water is to cold

Why don't hurricanes form over th north Atlantic oecan?

Hurricanes need warm ocean water to form. Up north the water is too cold.

Where do most hurricanes occur in the us and why?

Hurricanes generally strike the U.S. on the Gulf Coast and the southern Atlantic coast. This is because hurricanes are a tropical phenomenon that can only develop over warm ocean water. This warm water provides the moisture that fuels hurricanes. Cold water or land cannot provide enough moisture. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Stream are generally warm enough to support hurricanes but further north they are too cold. Few hurricanes that stray that far north maintain hurricane strength. The waters off the west coast of the U.S. are similarly too cold for hurricanes.

Why can't hurricanes happen winter?

Basically because the water is to cold to form a hurricane

Why doesn't Juneau Alaska have hurricanes?

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones, meaning they can only form over warm ocean water. If they leave warm water they lose the characteristics that make them hurricanes. The waters off the coast of Alaska are far too cold to support hurricanes.

Why do more hurricanes occur over tropical oceans than cold oceans?

because the tropical waters are warm and they provide ALOT of energy for hurricanes, cold water won't help at all

Do hurricanes occur in the Antarctic?

No, hurricanes are confined to the tropics. Hurricanes require a lot of energy from warm ocean water. It is far too cold in and around Antarctica to support hurricanes.