Why does fresh air will kill you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fresh air, by definition, is clean breathable air. It will not kill you under almost all circumstances. These circumstances can be manipulated under specific, and somewhat unusual conditions, to result in your death. As an example, a hard-hat diver or caisson worker receives fresh air from a surface mounted compressor directed into his helmet or working space. As the air is pressurized it allows the nitrogen (almost 80% of the air) to dissolve in your blood. If you are suddenly decompressed by rising up in the water too quickly (for the diver) or leave the caisson without decompression (for the sandhog) the nitrogen will "fizz" in your blood like the bubbles in a bottle of pop when you open it and collect in your blood vessels. This problem is called "the bends" from the way the pain preceding death doubles you over. This will stop the blood flow to your heart or brain or other essential parts and you will be very sick or die.For this reason divers use air mixtures that are artificial, not fresh air. These mixtures are oxygen helium mixtures that do not create the bends,

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Q: Why does fresh air will kill you?
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