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Ceetol is cellulosic ethanol. Ceetol can be made from the waste of the plant : stems stalks, grasses etc. Ceetol is not produced from corn which is needed to produce food. The demand for corn has increased so much that farmers have switched from producing wheat barley oats etc. to producing corn. This has caused the price of all grains to rise heavily, also the price of corn itself has risen because it is being used for another purpose - to produce ethanol. Most countries need the prices of grains to stay relatively low so that their population has access to food. Because the price has risen so heavily, poorer countries have suffered and deaths have been reported from starvation due to the inability to purchase these foods. This creates a debate. Should we make ethanol from corn when people are starving because they cannot afford these new grain prices? The answer is No. We don't need to. We have new processes for making ethanol from cellulose otherwise known as ceetol. There is a good video on that explains the ceetol process. We can also use 70% of all the material found in the dump (municiple waste facilities) to produce ceetol. We can literally turn our municiple waste into fuel ! Ceetol therefore is the 'good' ethanol that can help break our addiction to oil, help keep grain prices low, help national security in relation to oil, create jobs in our economy, reduce greenhouse emmissions and use up most of our waste to create fuel locally reducing the transport costs of shipping fuel and creating a stable fuel source. Ceetol is the 'good' ethanol !

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Q: Why is ceetol cellulosic ethanol better than corn ethanol?
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How much corn to make 1 gallon of corn oil?

Currently a bushel of corn produces about 2.8 gallons of ethanol. With better varieties that figure will increase to 3 gallons. In the near future, the corn distillate will be processed again, yielding some more ethanol.

How can agriculture be alternative to oil?

The key word in the answer is ETHANOL. Ethanol comes from corn. Therefore agriculture...grow corn, make fuel from the corn, power cars from Ethanol

Is ethanol good for America?

Ethanol from corn is good. When a truck of corn spills, we pick it up, and the birds clean up after

How many Gallons of ethanol are produced per bushel of corn?

One bushel of corn yields about 2.8 gallons of ethanol.

Ethanol is made from?

Rice corn

What is the energy source of ethanol?


What product are made from corn?

To name only a few: Cornmeal Corn syrup Cornstarch Ethanol Corn oil

Is there a chart that shows the comparative energy value of various fuel alternative ranging from gasoline to cellulosic ethanol to corn ethanol sugar ethanol and biodiesel?

While not as a chart, this is an idea about combustion energy values: Ethanol 77,000 Btu per gallon, Gasoline 125,000 Btu per gallon, Diesel 135,000 Btu per gallon and Biodiesel 130,000 Btu per gallon. Grades of fuel imply differences in composition and thus differences in combustion Btu values. Combustion values for ethanol will not depend on source of ethanol as long as ethanol content/composition is the same. Ali Hamza

Who much corn does Nevada produce yearly?

Nevada is not one of the powerhouses of corn production. They do other things much better. For corn, they convert other state's grains into ethanol. Most of their corn crop goes to silage -- 130,000 tons.

How much of a bushel of corn is used to make ethanol?

Assuming the dry-milling method of ethanol production (the most common), one 56-pound bushel of corn makes 2.7 gallons of fuel ethanol and 17.4 pounds of dried distillers' grain. This means that 69% of the corn went into the ethanol.

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