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The activation energy diagram is drawn as a hill because there is a large amount of energy needed to form the unstable transition state (viewed as the upward slope on the diagram). The difference between this peak energy and the rectants' energy is the activation energy. When this state decomposes in to more stable products (which are more stable than the reactants), the energy of the molecules is lower, thus the downward slope after the peak.


Activation energy is the energy at the potential barrier between the two fields with low energy (at left and at right) representing the sum of energies of reactants and products; the reaction is possible if the activation energy can exceed this barrier. And in a graphic this is the pic of a hill.

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It's used as an analogy. Chemical reactions all have an energy "threshold" to "get going." This "hill" must be overcome for the reaction to occur.

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Q: Why is the activation energy pictured as a hill in two diagrams?
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How does an enzyme catalyze a chemical reaction in regards to activation energy?

Any catalyst will make a chemical reaction easier or quicker to happen by lowering the activation energy. On a energy diagram, you will see a lower "hill" for activation energy, which corresponds to less energy required to begin the reaction.

Which has the highest activation energy?

If the activation energy of a reaction is high, then it requires a large amount of energy to initiate the reaction. The situation arising when a spontaneous reaction has a large activation energy is similar to rolling a ball over a hill. At first, energy must be expended to move the ball to the crest of the hill (or, in the case of a reaction, impart enough energy to the molecules so that their bonds can be sufficiently weakened). However, once the ball is at the top of the hill, it rolls down on its own. This is analogous to the reforming of chemical bonds, which releases energy. High activation energies are typical when a reaction involves molecules whose bonds are strong.

Which analogy can best be likened to the activation energy of a chemical reaction?

a hill over which the wagon is pushed. - novanet

Reactants and products in an energy diagram?

Activation energy is the distance from the reactants to the top of the "hill."

What occur in a chemical reaction and why are chemical reaction important?

This is the energy needed to get us from our starting point to the top of the hill would be the activation enery

Activation energy is the energy required to do what?

For the substance(s) to react

What is an example of how to supply activation energy to begin a reaction?

Activation energy is the minimum amount of energy needed for the reactants to get converted to products. It can be supplied as heat energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, and light energy.

When you Reduce activation energy what happens?

Reducing activation energy allows chemical reactions in the cells of living things to occur at temperatures at which the cells can survive. Reducing activation energy is carried out by enzyme catalysts. The enzyme catalysts are not used up in the reaction, and can be used in subsequent chemical reactions.

Why is a rock on the top of a hill kinetic energy?

A rock on top of a hill has potential energy, not kinetic energy. If it starts rolling down the hill then the potential energy transforms to kinetic energy.

Does a stepper hill have more kinetic energy?

i think a stepper hill has more kinetic energy

Giveat least 10 examples of potential energy?

potential energy is an easy energy... just like kenetiic and activation energy some examples of potention energy is a person on top of a hill standing, getting ready to ski.... they have potential energy as they are not moving but are gettting ready to be involved with kenetic energy. also a match getting potentiaal energy.

What form of energy is stored in a rock before its fall from a hill?

Potential energy is the energy stored in a rock before its fall from a hill.