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They're very different compounds in nearly every way; it would be considerably more surprising if they had similarboiling points.

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Q: Why methane and silicon dioxide have different boiling points?
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What is the boiling point of silicon?

Silicon Dioxide (Silica) boils at 2230

What happens if silicon dioxide is being heated?

Depending. When Granular Silicon Dioxide is heated, glass, is formed. (Also must be pressurized) silicon dioxide actually has a relatively high boiling point at 1650.

Why methane and silicon dioxide have different melting points?

Methane, consists of discrete molecules with a formula CH4. Silicon dioxide, SiO2, is a covalent macro-molecule consisting of a lattice of covalently bonded Si and oxygen atoms (each silicon is attached to four oxygen atoms, each oxygen is attached to two silicon atoms. Solid methane is held together by intermolecular forces- London dispersion forces, which are weak., so relatively little thermal energy is required to break up the solid (-182 0C) Breaking the silicon dioxide lattice requires the breaking of strong covalent bonds- which requires much more energy- so it melts at a much higher temperature, 1600 0C

What is the boiling point of silicon carbide?

Sulfur dioxide has a boiling point of −10°C (14°F) while silicon dioxide has a boiling point of 2230°C (4046°F). With these numbers in mind the difference would be 2240 °C (4064°F).

What does the formula SiO2 tell you about silicon dioxide?

It tells that silicon dioxide is composed of two different elements (Silicon and Oxygen) in a 1 to 2 atomic ratio ( Si1O2 ).

How is silicon dioxide different to polythene?

there is nothing different beetween them together

How are silicon dioxide and polythene different?

The silicon dioxide (SiO2) is not similar to polythene.

Is silicon dioxide a atom?

No, silicon dioxide is a molecule.

Is silicon in methane?

No. Methane contains only carbon and hydrogen.

Why is silicon dioxide a compound where as diamond is an element Explain?

Diamond consists of only one element (carbon). Whereas Silicon dioxide consists of two different elements (silicon and oxygen) that are chemically bonded in a fixed ratio. Hence Diamond is an element and Silicon dioxide is an compound.

Is silicon dioxide a compound or a mixture?

Silicon dioxide is a compound.

What are the elements found in sand?

Silicon and oxygen, in this form. SiO2 Silicon dioxide.