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Investment in an industry that utilizes the firm's domestic production (usually sales and distribution)

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Q: What is forward vertical foreign direct investment?
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What is the differences between foreign direct investment and foreign indirect investment?

what is the difference between foreign direct investment and foreign indirect investment

Objective of fdi?

FID stands for Foreign Direct Investment. Some of the objectives of FDI are expansion of sales, purchase of resources, diversification, and horizontal and vertical foreign investment.

What does direct foreign investment do?

What does direct foreign investments do?

Is there any difference between fdi and direct investment?

If the direct investment is foreign, then no, since FDI stands for 'foreign direct investment'.

What have you learned about foreign direct investment and the political economy of trade?

foreign direct investment is that investment in which a foreign country invests in a host country.

Distinguish between foreign direct investment and portfolio investment?

Foreign direct investment is the provision of capital into a company or project by a financier who is from a foreign country. In portfolio investment, anyone can invest in the portfolio, whether or not he is from a local company or a foreign company.

What is the definition of foreign direct investment?

Foreign direct investment is a phrase used in the United States to describe investment in the United States by foreign citizens. This is often achieved through the purchase of stocks.

Advantages and disadvantages of foreign company?

Foreign direct investment company

Full form of fdi?

Foreign direct investment

What is full form of FDI?

Foreign Direct Investment

Can motivate forgien direct investment?

There are many factors that motivate foreign direct investment. The main point of motivation is the competitiveness to obtain the foreign direct investments within each developing country.

Is china open to foreign trade and investment?

Yes, Chinese government is very much encouraging foreign direct investment.

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