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Q: What do you call a system of government where the dictator uses stringent personal and economic controls and suppresses the opposition through terror and censorship?
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What are the disadvantages of regulation?

- regulatory capture - deters innovation because of the stringent procedure in the food industry. in other industries it has been shown that regulation increases innovation (

What are the weaknesses on credit policy in developing countries?

In credit policy of a developing country like India, the beneficiaries/receipients from whom the credit is meant,only few big farmers/industrialists avail the same due to stringent rules and regulations attached with it. The banks through whom the credits are supposed to be extended, are generally reluctant to help the poor beneficiaries to avail the benefits. Even they get a fraction of the government aids/grants due to red tapism,corruption embeeded with the existing system.

How can the negative effect of tourism in the economy be reduced?

has to have balanced policies. Too stringent regulations may drive tourists away to other destinations. laxity would destroy its serenity and economy. proper research should be done as to what consequences each action would entail and appropriate trade offs should be exercised Alice Mani Jacob

What does excess and surplus lines refer to?

This is the license class that enables an insurance agent and/or agency to place large and/or hard-to-place insurance risks with non-admitted insurance carriers, also known as surplus lines or excess lines carriers. This class of insurance has very stringent filing and reporting requirements in many states including requiring zero reporting by the surplus lines broker.

What are the 3 types of trade barriers?

1. Imposing indirect taxes for imported goods. This makes imported goods more expensive compared to locally produced goods. People are then encouraged to spend less on imports. -Ad valor em tax - a certain percentage of the good's price -Specific tax - a certain amount of a unit. 2. Imposing quotas. Only a certain volume of imports are allowed into the country. 3. Voluntary export restraints. This is to maintain diplomatic relationships between countries. A country might decide to export less to another country to avoid unnecessary trade restrictions BY the other country. 4. Export subsidies. A government might subsidies the cost of exporting to encourage a higher volume of exports. This increases the export earnings and net exports also increases. 5. Strict technical, administrative & other regulations. Imports are subjected to stringent rules and regulations to discourage them from importing more. Example, high level of red tape.

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Is China a dystopia?

China is not typically considered a dystopia, although it does have some dystopian elements such as strict government control, limited personal freedoms, and a stringent censorship regime. Whether China can be definitively labeled as a dystopia is subjective and depends on individual perspectives.

Is it right to say 'stringent about discipline' or should it be 'stringent with discipline'?

stringent with discipline

What is the definition of stringent?

Stringent safety measures were introduced after the accident! Stringent can mean tight, severe.

What is stringent?

Stringent means strict or precise. The word stringent is of Latin origin and is derived from the Latin word stringere.

What is stringent timing?

Stringent timing is precise timing. When someone has stringent timing they are always on time regardless of where they need to be.

What is a sentence using the word stringent?

"The professor took stringent precautions to prevent his students from cheating." "Parents of teens should establish stringent guidelines for dating." "There are stringent procedures to keep the award winners secret until they are revealed at the ceremony."

How do you use Stringent in a sentence about a person?

The manager of the restaurant applied stringent standards of hygiene in her kitchen.

What are some federal government jobs for females?

Almost any federal job that a man can do, a woman could also do. The federal government is very stringent about accepting applications from everyone no matter their gender, race or creed.

What is the difference between astringent and stringent?

Astringent is a more intense form of stringent. While astringent means so severe that it "hurts" stringent simply means severe, without the "hurts" part. As well, astringent has an a whereas stringent does not...that's deep non?

Is fascism a noun?

Yes, the word 'fascism' is a noun, a word for a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator and stringent governmental controls; a word for a thing.

Use counter in a sentence?

The sentence with the 'word' counter: The US government has adopted several stringent economic and fiscal policies to counter the present global economic recession.

What is the word stringent in a sentence?

The word stringent is an adjective that describes a noun as strict, precise, and exacting. Example sentence:For admission to many large Universities, individuals must meet stringent academic requirements.