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government agencies

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Who usually implements government policies?

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Q: Who usually implements government policies?
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Who usually implements government polices?

Government agencies.

What caused smuggling?

Usually government policies banning a certain item or items.

Who implements the law in the separation of power?

The Executive Branch of government implements the laws passed by the Legislative Branch.

What are restrictive policies?

Restrictive population policies are policies that restrict the growth of a population, usually enforced by the government or ethnic group, such as the communist Chinese "One Child Policy."

What role does government play in finance?

major corporations and the financial institutions with which they associate are regulated by the U.S. Treasury, which implements fiscal and monetary policies; and the U.S. Congress, which enacts laws and regulations, intersect in their interests

Who has responsibility for the implementation of policy?

The government of the day is usually responsible for implementation of the public policies. To successfully implement the public policies, the government of the day uses various departments and ministries in its structure to achieve this goal.

What is the different between policies and politics?

Politics is usually people from the government. Policy is an written contract.

What are the basic characteristics of government?

The basic characteristics of government include the exercise of authority over a defined territory and population, the ability to make and enforce laws and policies, the provision of public services, and the maintenance of order and security within society. Additionally, governments typically have a system of governance, such as democracy, autocracy, or oligarchy.

Which branch of government Executes or implements laws?

executive or administrative

What political organization directs the policies of government?

What political organisation directs the policies of government?"

Which regulation is used to implement statutory requirements and Executive Branch policies for travel by federal civilian employees and others authorized to travel at government expense?

Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) - the regulation which implements statutory requirements and Executive Branch policies for travel by federal civilian employees and others authorized to travel at government expense; it is in a user friendly question and answer format at

Is One of the tasks performed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) is to investigate how the federal government implements directives and policies.?

No. Their job is to make sure that money given to various departments is used in a responsible way. If a person in a office is given a government credit card they make sure when an audit is done that they didn't use the card for personal use.