Calculating ionization energy AP chemistry

Updated: 12/15/2022
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  1. Listed below are ionization energies for removing successive electrons from various atoms of the third period. Which of the following lists corresponds to the ionization energies for phosphorus?

a. 496 kJ, 4,560 kJ (I.E. for the first two electrons)

b. 738 kJ, 1,450 kJ, 7,730 kJ (I.E. for the first three electrons)

c. 578 kJ, 1,820 kJ, 2,750 kJ, 11,600 kJ (I.E. for the first four electrons)

d. 786 kJ, 1,580 kJ, 3,230 kJ, 4,360 kJ, 16,100 kJ (I.E. for the first five electrons)

e. 1,012 kJ, 1,900 kJ, 2,910 kJ, 4,960 kJ, 6,270 kJ (I.E. for the first five electrons)

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Q: Calculating ionization energy AP chemistry
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