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Go 4 AP Bio Im in chem now and its pretty easy so get bio overwith now and take chem in college

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High school courses that help in medical school?

Chemistry, Biology (preferably AP)

What high school subjects do you need to be a doctor?

Biology chemistry and math

What science class are in high school?

probably chemistry or biology or astronomy

What kind of courses should you take in high school if you want to become a neurologist and would it be better to major in neuroscience or premed?

Premed is not a major. You can major in neuroscience but it would be best to take it as a minor and major in biology.

What high school classes should be taken to become a surgeon?

Biology and Chemistry

What high school classes are helpful to become a vet?

Biology, chemistry, zoology

What causes do you need to study to be a surgeon?

To be a surgeon, you should take math and science classes in high school, then take biology or premed classes in college and go to medical school.

What is recommended I take in High school for physical therapy?

Honors Biology, chemistry and physics

What high school courses do you need to become a physiotherapist?

biology, physics, chemistry and english

Does pharmacy require high school biology?

yes because if you don't have and qualfication for biology,chemistry,physics you cannot be a pharmacy.

What classes will you need to take in high school to become a vet?

Chemistry, Biology, AP Biology, BioChemistry, Anatomy if its offered.

What classes should be taken in high school in order to be a premed?

Premeds are required to take all science courses in college so be sure to take an AP chem or bio course. In general, all biology, chemistry and physics classes should be taken.

What three classes should you take in high school to prepare yourself to pursue a career in chemistry?


Is biology a required high school subject?

Biology is an important subject and it is required to be taken in highschool, after biology it is required to take chemistry and then enviormental science.

What subjects should you have in high school to become a pharmacist?

There are no required high school classes, however chemistry, biology, and calculus are highly recommended.

What high school classes would you take for a Criminalist career?

biology, chemistry,math and physics

How many sciences do you take in High School?

Different science lessons are: Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

What classes should I take to become an eye doctor in high school?

Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry

What high school classes would be helpful in preparing to be a nurse?

Biology Chemistry English Physics

What high school classes should you take to be a internal medicine oncologist?

Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

What high school courese will prepare you for a doctor career?

Biology, Chemistry and Physics butpsychologywont hurt

What high school subjects are needed to be a pharmacists?

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and a solid background in Mathematics

Will I take chemistry in my sophomore year of high school?

Most HS sophomore take Chemistry 1. High performers, or students who took Biology in 8th grade can take Chemistry as a freshman.

High school classes?

There are many different standard classes that are taken in high school. These classes include Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, and World History.

What science classes should you take in high school if you want to be a doctor?

Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Mainly focus on Chem and Biology for a doctor.